MicroPAD-Posturologia - SIRIO

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Sirio Podobaroscope enables diagnosis and therapy to be undertaken.

The Sirio Podobaroscope can use 5 diffetent types of colour to check the footprint, and can mix colours in order to reach the best shade for showing the foot print. In fact, each foot has its own pigmentation and responds differently according to the colour or colours that are displayed.

The Sirio Podobaroscope is equipped with the frequency program developed by Dr. Nogier and can also use the frequency program: A-B-C-D-E-F-G with pre-set "increase" and "decrease" percentages

The Sirio Podobaroscope can be used with WRATTEN-KODAK coloured gelatines. A three-dimensional test for orthostatism can be performed in order to check non-alignment, to stimulate the foot with different frequencies so as to find out the frequency or frequencies that help to improve postural disorders through foot stimulation.

Technical features:
- Structure in plexiglass
- Web feeding in five different colours (mixable) to evaluate the footprints
- Seven types of stable or pulsed light frequencies
- Possibility to insert filters in the glass
- Remote control

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